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We will be SHIPPING through the Christmas holidays to ensure that you get your planner for 1st January 2021.



How to create a magical Witchcraft practice in 6 months.


Part planner, part diary, part journal, part workbook, and a Book of Shadows


Your Magical Guide to the Waxing Year


A six month magical journey through the seasons, Sabbats and the Lunar and Solar cycles.

Everything you need to start a magical practice, or restructure an existing practice.


Includes details of the Supermoons and Eclipses, the Mercury RetrogradesNew and Full Moon astrological information and much more.


​An easy to follow, practical working Grimoire that will show you how to structure your Witchcraft practice to easily bring more magic and enchantment into your daily life.

In this invaluable guide, we bring you Witchcraft for beginners and experienced Witches alike with magic spells that truly get results, and comprehensive information that will help you to create your own, magical life as a Witch.


Each Month Gives You:


  • Journal prompts: these will help you to focus, set intentions, goals and tasks, and you'll be able to look back and review and track your progress.

  • A summary of the month aheads astrological energy: including the lunar phases and solar dates and times - you'll never have to search what's happening and at what time in the skies, it's all there for you, in one place.

  • A detailed activity aimed at developing a practical aspect of your witchcraft: known as ‘Witchcrafting Ways’ - these differing exercises will help you to improve your skills as a witch and give you practical experience.

  • A thorough astrological energy overview for every New Moon: so you can set relevant New Moon intentions for six months ahead - discover how to work with each of the New Moon's energies so that your wishes and dreams have every chance of manifesting.

  • An outline of the energy for every Full Moon: this is aimed at supporting you as you to tap into the Moon’s messages and practice effective emotional release and forgiveness work.


Every month, you get a UNIQUE spell that we have crafted explicitly for, Your Magical Guide to the Waxing Year.  

You won't find these magic spells anywhere else, they've been created especially for our readers!


As has, the ‘Monthly Magic’ spellcraft activity which describes in detail how to cast simple but effective magic spells, with a brand new type of spell, coordinated around the astrological energies, every month.


How to Guides


  • How to ritualise and conduct your own New Moon intentions setting exercise according to the current energies so that your wishes have no choice but to manifest!

  • Practical ideas and suggestions so that you can develop a daily witchcraft practice and invite more magic into your life. We could all do with a little more magic, right?

  • How to ritualise and do a powerful, Full Moon Release and Forgiveness exercise so that you can sever any ties that are holding you back from creating your magical life!


These are exclusive how-to guides created especially for this planner that you will NOT find anywhere else!


We've taken the pain out of sourcing ingredients, tools and lists for your Book of Shadows by providing detailed and invaluable, magical correspondences that you can refer back to for.....forever!

We've also included information about the eclipses, the Supermoons, and Mercury Retrograde periods!

It can be time consuming trying to find the correct information, these compilations can take years to build but we've provided them so you can get your magical practice off to a solid start!


Your Magical Guide to the Waxing Year


Has absolutely everything you need to create your magical life.


  • An outline of the Planets and their energies and the possible effects you might feel when they're activated.


  • A practical guide to herbs and crystals that you can use in your spellwork according to your different intentions.


  • Ritual record sheets to record the outcomes of your rituals and spellwork - super important!


  • A summary of the Elements, their influence and characteristics and how you can incorporate or observe them in your practice.

  • The dates and information about the years Mercury Retrogrades!


  • An overview of the eight phases of the Moon and how you can use the energies for different types of spellwork and/or self-development.


  • An overview of the Supermoons and Eclipses between January 2021 and June 2021.


  • Colour Magic correspondences and their energies.


  • A list of daily correspondences including planets, crystals, and how to work magic using the days of the week for timing.

  • Zodiac correspondences – including herbs, colours and crystals.


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We are taking delivery of these copies on 17th or 18th of December.


We will be SHIPPING through the Christmas holidays to ensure that you get your planner for 1st January 2021.

Your Magical Guide to the Waxing Year 2021

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