Working with the Full Moon

Updated: Jun 22

Every Full Moon gives us a chance to symbolically release anything that no longer serves us, or anything that is no longer welcome in our lives.

full moon tree and fields
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We can also use the time leading up to the Full Moon to work on manifesting what we want; more brief details on that later in this post though.

I absolutely love the high energy at this time, I've always been mesmerised by the Moon, and if I'm not looking after myself or if I'm not fully grounded, I can get a bit hyper and feel like my nerves are on edge.

There are quite a lot of people that don't like the time of the Full Moon. It can make them feel too wired or restless, and being unable to sleep is a common theme around the time of the Full Moon also.

It's also the time that hospitals and the emergency services see a spike in incidents.

But for myself (and others), it's a special time of magical, mystical and intuitive energy that can be tapped into.

Every Full Moon gives us a chance to release anything that no longer serves us, or anything that is no longer welcome in our lives.

Anything that's dead, dying, decaying or is on its way out can be symbolically released at this time. It's like wiping the slate clean.

And the Universe, (or any of the Gods/Goddesses/whatever you want to call the energy you're working with), LOVES symbolic gestures.

And as a practicing Witch, the more power I can get behind my actions, the better.

But it's not just Witches that work with the powerful energy of the Moon.

We can all tap into the energy of the Full Moon.

ANYONE can harness the Moon's power to help them in their lives or to help with specific tasks. Anyone can perform a ritual of some kind.

Even for non-Witches, there's something about ritualising our actions that seems to lend them power.

Rituals DON'T have to be linked to religion, or specific groups btw.

We have strong and powerful energy to work with at the time of the Full Moon.

There are two ways of working with Full Moon energy

As the Moon is waxing towards the peak of her energy, right up until and including the actual minute that the Moon becomes full, we can use this time and the Moon's growing power, to work on manifesting the things we want in life.

The waxing energy phases are the time from when the Moon becomes New, (the New Moon is when the Moon cycle begins), up until the Full Moon.

The Full Moon is the time when the Moon's energy is at its most potent, but at this time, we are only half-way through the Moon's full monthly cycle.

A full cycle of the Moon is called a lunation, but you will also hear each phase of the Moon being called a lunation too, especially the New and Full Moons.

The Full Moon phase is when we can lay out our crystals, tarot cards, water, Talismans, and any other, magical tools and items we might have to charge.

Putting these items in the light of the Full Moon allows them to bathe by the moon's powerful beams, and doing this soaks up the rays and 'charges' the items with power, and magical energy.

Manifesting with the Full Moon energy is another post for another day.

Just after the Full Moon, literally from the minute she starts to wane again, we can use the Moon's energy to do release and forgiveness work.

We can do this kind of work anytime during the waning half of the Moon's cycle, but at the time just after the Full Moon, any ritual you perform is definitely more powerful.

A Full Moon Release Ritual

We can symbolically release negative thought patterns and traits that may be keeping us stuck in bad habits and unhelpful behaviours.

The Full Moon shines a powerful light and puts part of our life in the spotlight.

She illuminates the shadows so that everything that may have previously been hidden to us is revealed.

At the time of the Full Moon, we can turn inwards, maybe meditate, and ask ourselves what is no longer working in our lives.

We can ask ourselves what is no longer serving us, and what we can let go of.

It's a good time to journal around these questions.

It’s an excellent time to banish bad habits and addictions

And to release anything at all that is not good for us, or is hampering our personal life or growth.

We have extra power behind us at this time to help us to release those bad habits.

The high energy of the Full Moon supports us if we want to release toxic relationships and the people who have no place in our lives.

We can even release outdated ideas and ways of thinking that are keeping us stuck.

The Full Moon is also a perfect time to look at where we can work on issues of forgiveness.

Forgiving others - and even forgiving ourselves - can be tough. Forgiveness work is a vast subject so again, this will be a future post for another day.

As I've mentioned it in this post, I'll just say that when doing forgiveness work, we're not forgiving other people for their benefit; we're doing it for our own benefit.

So how do we do all of this?

How do we release and let go at the full moon?

Leading up to the Full Moon, I probably already know what I want to release so I've been preparing for it.

Sometime after the moon has become full I like to meditate on, and journal around, the things I want to let go.

Doing this really helps me to dig deep and I find that doing a brain dump on paper, of the shit that's holding me back or keeping me stuck, is truly helpful for me.

You can do this too.

Maybe you already know what you want to let go of too?

When you are ready, you can sit down with your journal or a piece of paper and write at the top of it:

I release.......

If you know you're possibly going to struggle with letting go of someone or something, you can write: I am WILLING to release.....

Then make a list of everything that you want to banish from your life.

List all of the negative and unhelpful thought patterns and habits that are keeping you stuck.

If you're trying to release an unhealthy attachment to a person, write a list of the reasons why they need to be gone from your life.

Just write down on paper, everything that you truly want to be rid of.

If you're thinking negative things about yourself or others, write them down and resolve to release them.

You can also list every situation where you feel you can practice forgiveness, both for yourself and others.

This exercise might bring up emotions for you. It usually does for me.

Feel into the emotions, acknowledge them, know that it's ok to feel them, and then try to release them symbolically.

When you have finished writing your list of things to release, you can take your list(s) outside and burn it/them under the light of the Full Moon.

If it's not practical to go outside and burn your list(s), you can rip them to shreds and either flush them down a toilet, throw them into a trash can, or bury them somewhere.

The most important thing at this point is the act of getting rid of what you have written.

You can do this powerful exercise at every Full Moon

So many people tell me that they feel so much better after a Full Moon Release.