Witchcraft Tools for the New Witch: Tarot

Updated: Jun 22

What tools and equipment does a new Witch need?

So, we’ve been reflecting on the use of tools in witchcraft and so we’ll be doing a few posts about our favourite tools.

We thought we’d start with one of the most beloved tools of many witches - tarot cards!!

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Whilst not all witches read tarot and certainly not all tarot readers are witches .... there is a definite overlap between Witchery, magic and the tarot which has captured our imaginations for 100s of years.

While many of us use tarot to gain insight about our own, loved ones and clients day to day lives, problems or decisions - they also have a wider range of uses in our magical practice.

Tarot is a powerful tool for spellwork and I do love me some tarot magic.

They can be a potent representation of our intent or the outcome we are looking to achieve.

Simply choose the card which is closely aligned to your goal, for example 10 of pentacles for a money spell, and decide how to incorporate it into your spell.

You could print it out and draw sigils on it, stand a candle on it or just place the card on your altar.

Tarot is also excellent for meditation and pathworking... choose a card particularly if it’s a deck that depicts scenes or people and imagine journeying into the card.

Or speaking to characters in the card. For example, what would the Queen of Swords tell you about communication and speaking your truth?

You can do the same exercise by journaling if meditation and visualisation isn’t for you. Tarot cards are also really powerful for shadow work and there are a number of guides online to how to work with the tarot and your shadow.

Finally, I love to use tarot to communicate with my ancestors, and guides (or deities and Higher Self depending on belief). This is really effective if you struggle to connect with one of the “clairs.” I simply ask what they want me to know and pull guides to get the message.

Hope that gives some ideas on how you can work with this wonderful tool.. how do you work with your cards??

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