Witchcraft Tools for the New Witch

Updated: Jun 22

5 questions to ask yourself before buying Witchy tools.

Modern Witchcraft and Magic for Beginners.

One of the first things new Witches start looking at when exploring Witchcraft is all the tools and mystical items associated with the practice.

You don’t have to look very far on social media, online or in the shops at the moment, to see the vast array of Witchy tools and goodies....I mean, even Urban Outfitters is selling tarot cards!

chalice sage stick pestle and mortar dried herbs
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Witchcraft is currently significant business, and if you’re anything like me, you love drooling over the Witchy aesthetic and stunning items all over Instagram.

This could easily lead you to think that the next step you have to take in your Witchcraft journey is buying a lot of tools to set up an altar, right? Erm, wrong!

When we are talking about magical tools, we are describing a set of objects that assist us during rituals and spellwork.

Tools can range from items such as cauldrons, athames, chalices, wands and brooms.

There are also more practical objects such as pestle and mortars, incense burners and candle holders.

Some Witchcraft traditions that suggest that tools, such as wands, are more potent if they are handmade by the Witch’s own hands using wood we have harvested and carved ourselves.

For most Witches this is not feasible due to access, (hello.. urban Witch here), skills, (woodwork is not my strong point), or time.

wooden boxes candle kettle dried herbs
Image from Pixabay

Whether to use tools are not, is an individual decision for each Witch.

It is essential to consider what tools, if any, you feel drawn to and how they will assist your practice.

Many Witches have boxes of items that they thought they had to buy to be a proper “Witch," yet in reality they are hardly used.

I was undoubtedly one of those Witches. I bought every tool going as a new Witch and determinedly set them up on my altar following the diagrams I had seen in books.

Over time, I have found that I use tools less and less as my practice developed. I wish someone had told me that I did not need them all, and I was the most important tool.

However, for a time, they did play an essential role in building my skills and confidence and setting a magical ambience for my spellwork.

If you are interested in using or purchasing some key magical tools, there are a few things to consider

1. How will it assist your magical practice?

Tools have a range of functions. They can help get us into a ‘ritual mindset’ and support us to change consciousness.

Tools can act as representations of energies such as the elements; for example, a chalice can represent the water element. Or does a tool have a practical use during spellwork e.g., a knife for cutting herbs.

2. Who has made the tool?

If you are drawn to something, it is always worth looking into the provenance of a maker.

Tools hold energies, so consider whether it is a mass-produced item, or has it been made by a fellow Witch, who has put their love and magic into it? There are some genuinely beautiful and talented makers in the community who we can support by buying our tools from them.

3. Can you re-purpose any household items as magical tools?

You will often see kitchen Witches using a much-loved wooden spoon as a wand, a crock-pot becomes a cauldron, and a good quality knife becomes an athame.

If you look around your home, you will quickly find items that can be used in rituals or spellwork. For example, a pretty wine glass can be used as a chalice, trinket dishes as offering bowls or a letter opener as a wand.

4. Are you buying the item just for the ‘aesthetic’?

There are some swoon-worthy tools out there and it’s easy to start collecting items based only on their appearance. I believe that aesthetics play a significant role in Witchcraft and can help create a magical mood and atmosphere.

So, there is nothing wrong with buying an item just because it’s beautiful – it’s just about being clear for yourself why you are drawn to an item what the function of that tool will be for you.

5. How does the tool make you feel?

Take your time in choosing items that truly fit your energy. I believe it is better to have one or two unique tools that hold your true Witch’s power, rather than a chest full of magical items that don’t make you feel anything.

You will often feel a little tug, a zing of energy, a vibration, or even become a bit emotional if a tool is meant for you. Tools are extensions of our magic and as such they absorb our energy.

So, there are some things to think about before handing over your hard-earned pennies. It’s also worth looking at charity shops too.

I found my favourite mini-cauldron in a charity shop! Also, don’t forget to cleanse and bless and consecrate any items you acquire before using them for spellwork and rituals.

There is a famous saying in the witchcraft community that “tools do not make the Witch” – and this is very true.

You do not need special tools to practice ritual or spellwork - your intentions and energy are sufficient.

Whether you use magical tools or not, the most important thing to remember is that you, the Witch – are the most powerful tool at all!


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