Updated: Jun 22

Grounding is essential if you are doing any type of energy work, if you are trying to develop your psychic senses, or if you're like me and work as an intuitive.

girl in dress barefoot on grass with background trees
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Grounding my own personal energy is a massive part of my daily practice.

What is grounding?

It is vital for people who do any kind of healing work to ground themselves.

It's also important for mediums, psychics, Reiki practitioners, Holistic Therapists, Witches, and any other type of energy worker, to practice grounding techniques to keep yourself balanced.

Grounding is really easy, and it’s great for anyone, even people who don't practice working with energy.

When we’re not grounded

When you're not grounded, you might feel a little bit shaky, a little bit dazed, tired, maybe even light-headed.

To ground yourself means to balance out the spiritual and physical energy in your body, and we can ground ourselves by consciously connecting ourselves with the Earth or by other means.

Or you might feel completely disconnected or, as if you are on a massive high.

When we have got excess energy running through our bodies from doing energy work or spiritual work, we can experience these feelings and sensations.

It's nothing to be too worried about, but it does indicate that we need to ground ourselves.

As a Gemini that can definitely be inconsistent and flighty, I know myself that, if I'm not entirely grounded, my personal energy is erratic, I can't settle down enough to do my work, I flit from pillar to post and in the end, nothing gets done.

When you think about it all day we are completely insulated from the Earth.

We are hardly ever, in our bare feet

We go out of our houses wearing our shoes, and then we get into our cars.

We get out of the car and we might go into another building, we come out of that building, we get back into the car, we go back home - another building - and all this time, our bare feet haven't touched the Earth once.

When I consciously take time to ground myself by connecting my bare feet to the Earth, and when I’m setting an intention to ground myself, and using visualisation to make the connection, I see it as literally plugging myself back into the Earth.

When I started developing my psychic abilities and deepening my spiritual practice, at first, I wasn't aware of the importance of grounding I didn't know anything about it.

I just knew that sometimes I felt out of control, shaky, dizzy, I felt as if my energy was all over the place - because it was!

I was lucky enough to come across a fantastic spiritual teacher very early on

One of the very first things she taught me, was the importance of grounding. She encouraged me to incorporate it into my daily practice.

She firmly believed, as do I, that grounding should be fundamental to any spiritual practice; it is THAT important.

Grounding can also be called Earthing, it helps us to get back in touch with our physical body and it brings us into the present moment - the here and now.

There are different ways that you can ground yourself and your energy.

For me, I love to go outside in my bare feet and put my feet on the grass.

And then I spend some time feeling the Earth beneath my feet.

I try to empty my mind for a moment as I stand in silence.

Taking some deep breaths, I close my eyes and visualise roots, similar to those of a tree, coming down from the centre of my body and going through my body, down into my feet and connecting and anchoring me to the Earth.

I try to feel and visualise those roots traveling deep down, inside the Earth, deep down into its centre.

tree roots and leaves
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I take some time to stand like this, and try to imagine that I am firmly anchored to the Earth, and that I am unshakable.

When I do this I feel strong.

I feel empowered, and I feel deeply connected to the Earth and her energy and to nature.

This grounding technique doesn't work for everybody, and sometimes it isn't always practical to go outside in your bare feet.

Other ways to ground yourself are:

You could eat something

Many years ago, a psychic told me that she was overweight because she always felt the need to eat something fatty or stodgy after reading for clients.

Obviously I don't recommend an unhealthy diet but there is something to be said for eating something substantial after doing a reading or after working with energy.

Speaking from personal experience when my energy feels erratic and uneven, it does help me when I eat something. It definitely helps me to feel more grounded.

You could do something physical

Doing some kind of physical work can help to ground us, especially if we do the work outside in nature.

Weather permitting, gardening is an excellent way to ground yourself.

Doing some vigorous cleaning or tidying can help to ground you. I have to admit though, this isn't my favourite way to ground myself!

Playing Sport, or doing some yoga - which is like a walking meditation - may help you feel connected and grounded.

You can take a salt bath

You can use Epsom Salts or Himalayan Sea Salt in your salt bath.

You can blend them with some essential oils or herbs.

Salt baths are excellent for grounding energy.

If you're going to use herbs, PLEASE check that they're suitable for use in a bath where they will come into contact with your skin.

Essential Oils

Again, you need to check that the oils are suitable for contact with the skin, and check that they're not toxic.

They might need to be mixed with a carrier oil first.

If the oils are safe to use, you can add a few drops to your salt bath.

Essential oils can be rubbed into the soles of your feet to help you to ground or earth yourself.

You can also diffuse them into the room you're in.

You could eat some chocolate

But not just any chocolate, dark chocolate is best.

I'm a big fan of ceremonial grade cacao, and I often drink a mug of cacao before working with clients who are coming for tarot readings.

I wouldn't recommend this as a grounding technique for someone who has never tried cacao before; it is a medicinal plant and you do have to respect the energy of the plant its medicine.

Cacao is also unsuitable for people with certain medical conditions so again, please check that it's ok for you to drink before grounding and earthing yourself with cacao.

Only use this as a grounding technique if you are familiar with using ceremonial grade cacao in the first place.

Hug a Tree!

Honestly, there is something to be said for connecting with nature, and what better way to ground yourself and anchor yourself to the Earth than hugging a tree?!

I planted an Almond Blossom tree in my garden when I moved into the house I live in now.

I love nothing more than spending some time sitting underneath it, sitting in in quiet meditation, or drinking a herbal tea.

Get out into Nature

Getting out into nature is another quick and easy way to feel grounded. A walk in nature is a perfect way to ground yourself.

Use Crystals or Stones

To ground yourself, you could try holding onto some grounding crystals or stones.

This is actually one of the simplest ways to ground yourself.

Black tourmaline is a favourite of mine and is my go-to crystal. I have pieces of Black Tourmaline resting on top of my Tarot Cards in between readings.

Snowflake Obsidian and Jet are good grounding crystals too.

They are amongst my favourite crystals,

To ground yourself using crystals, simply sit with your feet planted firmly on the floor and hold the crystals of your choice in your hands.

Close your eyes and visualise the crystal energy travelling through your body and anchoring you to the Earth, so grounding you.

If I'm using crystals to ground myself I do the visualisation exercise that I talked of earlier (when standing with my bare feet on the Earth).

You can also wear crystal jewellery or just carry the crystals with you wherever you go.

Sun bathing

Not the kind of sun bathing that you