The Magic of June

As we approach the Summer Solstice, we'd like to share some of the ways you can enjoy this magical month.....

Witches, can you believe it’s June already, and we are in the last month of the Waxing Year?

Despite June being considered the first month of Summer in the Northern Hemisphere, we are progressing towards the Summer Solstice on 21st June, when we reach the turning point of the Waning Year.

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June is the sixth month of the year and receives its name from the Roman Goddess, Juno.

Juno was revered as the goddess of marriage, fertility, women and childbirth, and this is why June is thought to be auspicious for weddings.

In the UK, some historical associations with June include the ancient practice of well dressing, where local springs and wells were ornately decorated with plants and flowers.

This may have originally been a pagan rite to leave offerings to thank the water gods.

Today, June is gloriously known as Pride Month, but we will be talking more about that one of next week’s emails!

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During June, we start to sense the full summer energy as the Sun reaches the peak of its power.

The soil is warm, insects buzz, trees grow and spread skyward, and flowers are in full bloom.

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We believe June is a profoundly magical month due to the transitional energy of the Summer Solstice, and there is plenty we can do to make use of June’s witchy energy.

You can work with June’s astrology if you follow the lunar and astrological cycles.

For the first part of June, we can engage with the quick and mercurial Gemini energy before transitioning to home-loving Cancer on 21st June.

Cancer season is perfect for any work relating to home, family parenthood and ancestry.

June also sees the first Super Full Moon in Sagittarius on 14th June.

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Known as the Strawberry Moon due to strawberries’ ripeness at this time, this is the perfect Full Moon for spellwork to achieve your ambitions, optimism and abundance.

Of course, we will keep you updated on these transits as the month progresses, and don’t forget to check Your Magical Guide to the Waxing Year 2022 for more information.

We encourage you to spend time outdoors!

Go foraging and use nature’s bounty to make your own magical tools, such as oils, powders, tinctures, or kitchen magic. Or dry your plant materials for storage in future spellwork.

Throughout June, magical plants to forage include elder, honeysuckle, dog rose, pineapple weed (especially prevalent in urban areas), garlic mustard, and chickweed.

Foraged ingredients are perfect for kitchen witchery as you can control the whole process from harvesting to preparing and consuming the food.

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Here at SOTC, we have elderflowers in our gardens, so we will be making a delicious magical elderflower syrup for sweetening spellwork of all kinds (and maybe a cocktail or five!).

Always ensure you are foraging safely and respectfully; only harvest a portion of the plant (the guidance is generally maximum of a third) and ensure you are confident in your plant identification.

Also, be aware of any contra-indications if you intend to consume anything you have foraged.

You can work magic using specific June correspondences, including botanicals such as elderflower, lavender, skullcap, vervain, rose, honeysuckle, yarrow and other June flowering plants and herbs.

If you are drawn to colour magic, consider working with green, yellow and orange, reflecting the colours of nature.

Crystals associated with June include agate, alexandrite, moonstone and pearl.

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Spellwork favoured during June includes love magic of all kinds, such as drawing new relationships to you or self-love.

Due to its historical association with weddings, spellwork for commitment, marriage/partnerships, and improving relationships is also well-supported.

If you work with deities, you can call on Juno to bless your wedding, marriage or partnership, or to settle any disputes.

Traditional offerings for Juno include roses, figs, irises and peacock feathers.

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You may also want to explore any magic working with the Sun’s brightness and warmth, particularly around the Summer Solstice.

The Sun is potent for spells focusing on confidence, healing, especially physical healing, success and any magic focussed on the ‘Self’.

If you don’t have a specific spell in mind but want to work with solar energy, check our blog on working with the Sun here >> Working with the Divine Sun.

You may want to use this time to research and prepare for the Summer Solstice or Litha if you follow the wheel of the year.

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Although explicitly associated with the Summer Solstice, magically, June is a time to connect with the fae, if that is part of your practice.

In fact, did you know that 24th June is International Fairy Day?

Even if you don’t work with the fae, consider spending this day making a fairy garden for any children in your life, or reading fairy tales or folklore, as virtually every culture has its own stories of the fae.

Finally, June is a powerful month for prosperity magic of all kinds.

If you work with deities, the Roman Goddess of Fortune and Luck (the original Lady Luck), Fortuna’s Feast Day is 24th June. You can ask for her blessings for prosperity and a change of luck.

Alternatively, you can work with the abundance of nature to call that energy into your home, purse/wallet and bank accounts!

And let’s face it, we could all use that boost right now!