Super Full Moon in Sagittarius 2022

Updated: Jun 22

Full Moons represent the culmination of the lunar cycle, and we will all feel its influences regardless of our sign.

So, what will the Full Super Moon in Sagittarius bring us?

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We hope you enjoyed our latest blog about the Magic of June (read it >>> here if you missed it), but we are now back, sharing how the magic continues to flow with this month's Full Moon on Tuesday, 14th June.

Sagittarius Super Full Moon

14th June 2022

12:51 BST / 04:51 PDT / 07:51 EDT / 13:51 CEST

Yes, witches, on 14th June, 12.51 PM (BST), we have a Full Super Moon at 23 degrees of mutable fire sign, Sagittarius.

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Always check where the Full Moon falls in your natal chart to see what area of your life is activated by this Full Moon.

Full Moons are always a time of release and letting go, and this process will be supercharged as it's a Super Moon.

A Super Moon occurs when the Full Moon is closer to the earth in its orbit than usual.

Therefore, the Moon appears larger and brighter in the sky, it exerts a stronger gravitational pull, and you may feel the lunar energy is amplified.

We are ready to shake off some stuck energy after a tricky period of Mercury Retrograde and a challenging eclipse season.

The Sagittarius Super Full Moon is here to deliver!

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Sagittarius brings an enthusiastic and cheerful energy.

If you have had a difficult time recently and you're feeling your hope and faith waning, this Full Moon could bring a more buoyant and uplifting energy.

Sagittarius is a free-spirited and adventurous sign that loves exploring both the mundane and spiritual worlds. This fire sign is optimistic and positive-thinking and hates restrictions of any kind.

So, we can expect this Full Moon to bring a need to seek freedom, knowledge and wisdom; and we may experience the light being shone on our shadows.

Sagittarius wants us to grow, expand, and see new perspectives or the bigger picture as this sign also rules over the higher mind and wisdom.

This Full Moon will encourage us to explore what truth means to us.

We may be asked to consider if we are being truthful to ourselves and our loved ones. Although it may be frightening to admit the truth, the Sagittarius Full Moon is here to support us to lean into the search for truth in our lives.

Full Moons are a potent time for release work, so it's the perfect time to release any internal blocks stopping you from achieving what you truly want.

Sagittarius wants to forge its own path, so be mindful of tuning into what YOU want instead of what 'society' tells you success looks like.

The archer symbolises Sagittarius, so this Full Super Moon asks, where do we genuinely want to aim our arrows?

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Don't forget to check the Book of Shadows section in Your Magical Guide Planner for your guide on 'how-to' conduct a Full Moon release ritual.

If you have a copy of Your Magical Guide to the Waxing Year 2022 (we still have physical and digital copies available in our online store), then you'll also find a Sagittarius Super Full Moon feature that gives you the themes for this Full Moon, the Sagittarius correspondences, ideas for spellwork and ritual and release, and some divination questions. Plus there's room to write your Full Moon reflections too.

This Full Moon's ruler is Jupiter (as it rules Sagittarius), who is unanspected in fellow fire sign Aries at the time of the Full Moon.

Unaspected means that Jupiter is not forming an aspect (angle) to any other planet; therefore, we receive the full expression of Jupiterian energy.

Jupiter wants to grow and expand, and Jupiter strongly encourages us to go after what we want whilst in Aries.

Any goals related to Sagittarius themes of luck, travel, higher education, pursuing knowledge, expansion and spiritual development will be particularly well-supported.

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As the Full Moon is a time of releasing blocks, consider what stops you from achieving what you want and work on letting go or banishing those blockages from your life.

Candle magic is a powerful way of creating change as it can transmute energy and remove blocks.

However, as we know, there is always a balance in astrology, and this Full Moon is demonstrated by the Full Moon being square Neptune in Pisces.

Squares are an aspect which denote tension and potential conflict, which are resolved by taking action.

Neptune is the planet of dreams, imagination and spirituality, as well as deception and illusion. This aspect may make our search for truth challenging as it will be easy for our imaginations to run away with us.

We may also see personal or global deceptions revealed under the powerful illumination of this Super Full Moon.

The aspect to Neptune coupled with the risk-taking nature of Sagittarius may mean we do not see situations with clarity.

Always be aware of discerning the truth from fiction, especially online and in social media spaces; utilise the Sun in Gemini's quick, critical thinking skills to practise discernment.

However, you can use this aspect positively by looking for answers in unusual places. For example, work with the inquisitive Sagittarius energy to try a new form of divination under the Full Moon.

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Neptune can also bring feelings of doubt and uncertainty. Be cautious of letting distrust creep into your plans.

Use the releasing energy of the Full Moon to let go of hesitation, whether that's self-doubt or the opinions of others who doubt you.