Magical Living in 2022

As we emerge from the Summer Solstice and move deeper into the solar energy of Summer, the weather is warmer, and the streets, parks and beaches around us are busier with people enjoying the sunshine.

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Hey witches, can you believe we are in July already?

Exams are nearly over as schools and colleges start to wind down as we head towards a much-needed Summer break.

If you are anything like us at SOTC, you may feel ready for some downtime and relaxation.

The last few months have been challenging and distressing at the collective level with attacks on human rights, wars, and economic challenges. These events are in addition to the issues in our personal lives, which inevitably influence our energy and witchcraft practice.

Sometimes, we don’t have the time, energy or physical and mental resources to do complex spells and rituals.

It is healthy for your practice to ebb and flow and to have more ‘active’ periods than others.

During these cycles, you may want to consider developing simpler rituals to enhance the magic in your everyday life.

We can build small magical acts and witchcraft practices in our routine, and you can flex these to tune into the seasonal energy. This approach is also effective for witches who need to manage their physical or mental health and energy levels.

Regular magical practice is also a powerful way to build your witchcraft muscles, and working on these strengthens them and puts you more in tune with the energies around you.

Plus, we get all the benefits from taking five minutes for ourselves during the day.

So, as we head deeper into Summer and possibly even some time away from home travelling, let’s explore some simple ways to sprinkle some witchcraft magic throughout your day.

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Turn your bath or shower into an energetic cleanse –

Visualise the water cleansing your energetic body as you take a bath or shower.

Imagine any stagnant energy being washed away and draining down the plughole. You can add salt for a deeper cleanse or work with essential oils or herbs to create specific energy. Hang a muslin bag of cleansing herbs over your shower head to infuse your shower with cleansing energy.

You can also carve symbols onto your soap to set a daily intention, such as a heart for love or a crown for success.

Set your intention for the day –

Review your plans for the day and identify what intention you need to set for the day. For example, your intentions could be greater confidence for an important meeting, friendship and fun for a social event or protection for a challenging situation.

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When you have chosen your intention, identify ways to call forward that energy. You could use affirmations, sigils, for example, on your mobile phone or charge and carry an appropriate crystal to create a talisman.

One of our favourite methods is to anoint ourselves with magical oils, powders, or sprays as the smell and energy of a potent witchy oil or spray can conjure your intention to permeate throughout your day. You can also include divination by choosing a specific tarot or oracle card to display throughout the day that represents your intention.

Get your kitchen witch on –

You don’t have to be a brilliant chef to introduce magic into the kitchen. It can be as simple as channelling energy or blessing your food and drinks before you eat.

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Or draw sigils onto your food to infuse it with a specific energy.

You can bless and empower your ingredients as you add them, calling forth their specific properties.

For example, add sugar to bring sweetness, salt for protection, cinnamon for speed and power etc. During the Summer, work with solar energy and make Sun Tea to infuse your teas with the radiant, vital energy of the Sun.

Working purposely with colour magic -

There are many ways to build colour magic into your day. The most obvious is choosing your clothes based on the energy you want to portray that day.

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Maybe you need to feel creative, so yellow or orange clothing will open up those creative channels. Or wear purple for a situation in which you need to dominate, or black if you need protection or to blend in.

You can include colour magic in your choice of jewellery, make-up and even your nails.

You can also include colour magic in your environment, including writing in a specific colour ink, choosing a particular colour of fresh flowers or burning a certain candle colour.

Connect with nature –

Yes, we know we use every opportunity to try and encourage you to go outdoors! But we believe it’s an integral part of your witchcraft practice to connect to the cycles of nature.

Try to spend five minutes regularly noticing the seasons or connecting with the elements.

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This could be in a garden, a street, a local park, or even looking out a window. If you live in an urban environment, try and notice where wildlife and nature continue to thrive, such as dandelions pushing through paving stones.

Some witches build a practice of greeting the Sun and or Moon on a daily basis.

Seek to appreciate every weather pattern and season, even when it’s not your favourite. You will find that connecting with your local biosphere and being aware of how the seasons change locally can significantly enhance your witchcraft practice.

We hope these quick tips have given you some ideas to ease into a magical Summer and allow your Witchcraft practice to flow through its natural cycles.

You can also employ these rituals when travelling away from home or spending time with people who do not know or understand your identity as a witch.

Enjoy a magical Summer!


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