July Super Full Moon in Capricorn

Here in the UK, we are basking in a heat wave and the depths of watery and emotional Cancer Season. However, we are about to start feeling the earthy energies of the Capricorn Full Moon......

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Super Full Moon in Capricorn

13th July 2022

19:37 BST / 11:37 PDT / 14:37 EDT / 20:37 CEST

July's Full Moon is known as the Buck Moon, named after the period when the male deer's antlers reach the peak of their growth.

This lunation is also a Super Moon and the closest Full Moon of 2022, meaning it’s at its closest point to the Earth, amplifying the overall collective effect of this Capricorn Full Moon. So, if you are particularly sensitive to lunar vibrations, you may feel this Moon more intensely, so work with the grounded earth Capricorn energy to remain centred during this time.

This Full Moon occurs at 21 degrees of Capricorn, so identify where this falls on your natal chart to assess what area of your life may be particularly influenced at this time.

The Full Moon is the peak of the lunar energy and represents the release and culmination of the last six months, which began with the Capricorn New Moon in January 2022.

We can still feel the Summer Solstice's influence and the mid-year reset, so the Capricorn Full Moon encourages us to continue that work.

So, if you did not get an opportunity to review the first six months of 2022, this Full Moon would be an opportune moment.

If you have a copy of our Secrets of the Cauldron Witches Planner, use the journaling prompts at the beginning of Your Magical Guide to the Waning Year 2022 to support this.

As we know, the Moon usually represents our emotions, feelings and daily habits; however, when in Capricorn, we are focused more on structure, order and authority.

Capricorn rules the 10th house of career, work, ambitions and our public persona.

So, you may be aware that this Full Moon particularly highlights these areas. Releasing what is not working for you in your professional life would be well-supported under this Full Moon.

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Capricorn is the sign of the Mountain or Sea-Goat, combining the ability to scale and climb dangerous cliffs with ease and grace.

It is a cardinal sign that goes after what it wants and can confidently handle any obstacles to achieve its goals.

It is also a very pragmatic sign and can think and plan its way around problems carefully and consistently. Saturn is in rulership in Capricorn, bringing order and form to whatever it seeks to accomplish.

Capricorn is driven to achieve its purpose, so this Full Moon will ask us to consider if we are aligned to achieving our own purpose, especially as it forms an aspect to the North Node of Destiny.

We may see this Full Moon giving us more clarity about what we need to stay on track to attain our goals.

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If your energy or motivation has been waning recently, or you have any emotional blocks to achieving your ambitions, such as low self-confidence, this could be the Full Moon to release those blocks.

As an earth sign, the Capricorn Full Moon also supports our work on abundance and prosperity. Capricorns like their material possessions! It is an industriousness and ambitious sign, not afraid to indulge in high-quality items as a reward for hard work.

Under the Full Moon, consider if you have any issues about feeling you deserve the good things in life and work them into your Full Moon ritual.

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However, astrological events such as Full Moons do not occur in a vacuum as they are influenced by the aspects they form with other planets. This Full Moon is conjunct ruler of the underworld, Pluto.

When planets are conjunct, it is thought that their energies flow together, so our experience of this Full Moon may have a Plutonian influence.

So, themes regarding the cycle of birth and death, transformation or even power and control may appear around this Full Moon. If this is the case, incorporate them into your Full Moon release ritual.

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We can see these energies play out in the collective with the various human rights issues, protests, revolutions and people taking to the streets to reclaim their power.

However, we also have a supportive influence from Uranus on this Full Moon.

Uranus is known as the change-maker and encourages innovative ideas and radical thinking.

This aspect may allow you to see issues you feel stuck with, from a new perspective.

Capricorn likes to be productive, so if there is a new way to solve a problem, then Capricorn will implement it. Try a new divination technique, such as scrying or automatic writing to facilitate access to the flow of new information.

Overall, this is the Full Moon to become grounded and focus on what we want to achieve for the remainder of 2022.

The beauty of astrology and following the lunar cycles is the opportunity to continually assess, release, and reset – this is the power of the Capricorn Full Moon.

For monthly energy overviews and how to work with the unique energy of each New and Full Moon, check out Your Magical Guide to the Waning Year 2022.

Also, review the Book of Shadows section for a detailed guide on conducting a Full Moon release ritual.

Enjoy the Super Full Moon!


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