How to Travel Safely Using the Power of Witchcraft

Witches on the road. Whether planning some day trips, a staycation in your home country or venturing to a new country, it's an opportunity to consider your witchcraft on the go.

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Witches, we are reaching the peak of the summer here in the Northern Hemisphere.

Schools and colleges are breaking up for the summer, and you may have even booked a holiday or break away.

Whether planning some day trips, a staycation in your home country or venturing to a new country, it's an opportunity to consider your witchcraft on the go.

There is no doubt that travel is one of the most enriching experiences we can have.

Time spent exploring new places, cultures and activities with loved ones can be a powerful spiritual experience. However, it is not without its stresses and challenges, especially in a post-covid world and if you are in the UK, Brexit.

Who has watched the scenes of the recent chaos at UK airports and not felt anxious?

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As witches, we have a range of tools up our cloaks to help minimise and smooth the potential tensions and trials of travelling. So, in this blog, we will explore tips and tricks to ensure your holiday plans go smoothly and give you some suggestions for incorporating witchcraft into your travels.

Let's start with a practical note; please check any travel restrictions for any of the items we suggest – we don't want you detained at an airport! We have eliminated the use of our beloved botanicals (for obvious reasons!), but we still strongly encourage you to apply common sense when selecting items for travelling.

Preparation is vital, so begin by reviewing your trip to identify any possible areas of stress and strain.

What is it that could go wrong or that you are most concerned about?

Maybe you are travelling in a large group and are anxious everyone will get along? Or is it lost luggage? Delays? Or maybe you are worried about leaving your home for a prolonged period? By assessing the potential issues, you can determine a magical (and mundane) plan to address them.

Before going on holiday or any travel-related trip, consider some planetary magic by petitioning Mercury and asking for a blessing on your travel plans.

Mercury rules all travel, especially air travel, so light a blue or yellow candle carved with the Mercury glyph on a Wednesday and ask to be granted safe smooth travels.

If you are going on a cruise or anything strongly water-related, you may also want to consider working with Neptune.

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Protection tends to be a key theme for travel magic, and one of the most important things to protect whilst travelling is our luggage.

So, consider discreet ways you can build protective amulets into your luggage.

A simple but effective method would be to create your own 'safe travels' sigil and place it into the lining of your suitcases and other bags. You could draw your sigil on a piece of paper, tag, material or wooden disc.

You could place the same sigil on your mobile phone cover or next to anything you want to keep safe, such as travel documents. If you aren't confident designing sigils, use a protective symbol, such as the rune Algiz or a shield.

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You could also lightly anoint the outside of your luggage with a protective magical or an enchanted essential oil, such as rosemary. Please be careful with the oil, so you don't damage your suitcases.

Additional protection for your belongings while travelling is to build an energetic cord between yourself and your bags to keep them tethered to you.

Visualise a strong silver cord of energy that can stretch comfortably but never separate and see your bags always returning to you safely.

If your home is going to empty while you are away, you may wish to amp up your home protection.

Take some time to reset your wards and protective magic and call on any house spirits, ancestors or spiritual allies to guard your home in your absence.

Also, don't forget to include your pets! You can enchant their collars for protection and calm while away from them.

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You could also make spell jars to keep everyone safe while on holiday and leave them on your altar.

A spell jar could be as simple as writing a petition or using a photograph and placing it in a jar along with some salt and blessed protective herbs.

If you want to promote positive relationships with everyone you are travelling with, include some sugar for sweetening and botanicals or crystals for love, joy and communication, such as rose quartz, lapis lazuli, rose, lavender and chamomile.

A simplified version of this spell would be to write the names of your travel party on a piece of paper (or use a photograph) and surround them with protective herbs and crystals such as rosemary, vervain, obsidian and black tourmaline.

Ensure you enchant and charge any correspondences by calling in the energy you want to infuse into your spell.

For nervous travellers, you may want to consider magical ways to reduce your anxiety.

This could include safely using herbal remedies, teas or oils which can promote calm and wellbeing, such as chamomile and lemon balm.

Some people find crystals helpful, and you may want to enchant a selection of crystals beneficial for travelling, such as malachite, moonstone and amethyst.

There are also ways of incorporating your witchcraft practice into your holiday.

You could assemble and take a discreet travel altar signifying the items that feel important to your witchery. A travel altar can include anything that feels significant to you, for example, a pendulum or tarot deck, your journal or Book of Shadows, some crystals, a depiction of your spirit allies, e.g. a small statue, or a representation of the elements.

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Of course, with the benefits of techno-witchcraft, you do not need to take physical items with you.

You create a virtual altar and use smartphone apps, such as tarot deck apps and even the digital interactive version of Your Magical Guide to the Waning Year 2022.

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We also encourage you to explore your new destination with your witch eyes and senses.

Take a walk and examine the local flora and fauna and try tapping into the energies of an unfamiliar plant. Can you sense how you could use that plant in your magic? Or meditate outside and see how the different elemental energies feel.