Cancer New Moon 2022

Last New Moon of the Waxing Year!

This week we have the final New Moon of the waxing year, which will be an intense but transformative one. Hang onto your broomsticks, witches!

We have a New Moon in Cancer on 29th June at 03:52 (BST, check your time zones in Your Magical Guide Planner). Cancer is a cardinal water sign making it very initiatory energy.

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New Moons are about a reset and a new cycle, and as the Moon is in ‘rulership’ in Cancer, this highlights the potency of this New Moon.

This New Moon occurs at 7 degrees of Cancer, and you may want to see where this falls in your natal chart to identify which areas of life are activated by this New Moon.

Cancer calls us into the realm of emotions; it rules home, family, motherhood, ancestors, emotional wellbeing, self-care, and our roots and foundations. Themes of security, safety and how we nourish ourselves are all present under this New Moon.

A Cancerian Moon will ask us to connect with our feelings and deep intuition – it’s time to tap into that gut instinct we all have. You may feel your emotions are heightened at this time, or you may feel particularly sensitive.

Cancer is the sign of the crab with its soft underbelly but a strong shell and defensive claws - we may need those claws when considering the intense aspects of this New Moon.

Image Credit - ©Kath Wallace -

This New Moon forms some potent aspects (angles) with other planets highlighting the Cancerian themes and archetypes.

First, we have a square, which tends to denote tension requiring action between the New Moon and Sun in Cancer and Jupiter in Aries.

Aries is warrior-like energy, and this aspect may drive us to act on what we feel is right or defend our loved ones and what we feel value in our lives.

One of the critical Cancerian themes is protection, so see where your protective instincts are drawn under this New Moon.

We may feel particularly energetic and enthusiastic with expansive Jupiter in Aries, but be aware of this not spilling over into anger as the Moon represents our emotions.

One of the most potent aspects of this New Moon is a conjunction with Black Moon Lilith.

You may not be familiar with Black Moon Lilith, which is not a planet but the point where the Moon is at its furthest orbit from the Earth. There are many myths and narratives surrounding Lilith, and if this is something that interests you, we encourage you to delve deeper.

Black Moon Lilith represents the shadow of feminine energy and all the aspects of the ‘feminine’ that society tends to reject.

It signifies the drive to seek equality and to refuse to submit to the power and will of others. Traditionally, it's seen as the ‘dark’ side of feminine energy, including rage and sexuality.

Image Credit - ©Kath Wallace -

As Black Moon Lilith flows into the lunar energy of this New Moon, we may see suppressed or unacknowledged emotions seeking expression.

Don’t be afraid to feel and express your feelings this New Moon. We have support in doing this with a beneficial aspect to Venus in communicative Gemini.

Gemini loves to talk and connect to process their thoughts and emotions. This aspect also brings flexibility and an ability to adapt, providing a positive counterbalance to some of the challenging energies of this New Moon.

While astrology can help us navigate our personal lives, it also supports us in understanding what is happening in the collective.

It is impossible to consider the astrology of this New Moon and not bring to mind the events of this week and the attack on the sovereign rights of people with wombs in the US right now.

This New Moon, particularly the archetypal energy of Black Moon Lilith, supports the energy needed to fight against these infringements on bodily autonomy.

If you feel drawn, you can use mundane (organise, share resources, protest, donate etc.) and magical (protection, justice, clarity, healing, baneful works) actions to support this work.

How to work with the Cancer New Moon energy:

  • Set New Moon intentions regarding Cancerian themes of home, children, motherhood, our roots, ancestors, emotions etc. Use the journal prompts in Your Magical Guide to the Waxing Year 2022 to guide your intention-setting

  • Cleanse your home both physically and energetically. Consider honouring the water energy through the creation of cleansing sprays. Lemons are ruled by the Moon and are potent absorbers of unwanted energy

  • Have a spiritual bath to balance and heal emotions. You could work with herbs that support emotional nourishment, such as rose, lavender and lemon balm

  • You may feel particularly intuitive, so consider doing divination or dreamwork

  • Indulge in some self-care, especially if you are feeling overwhelmed or emotionally sensitive

  • Cast protection spells for your home, loved ones, children, pets etc.

  • Work with the element of water in your witchcraft practice, such as tea magic, water scrying, crafting potions, making magical waters etc.

  • Research deities or spiritual allies associated with water, such as Neptune, Aphrodite, Coventina, Mazu, undines

  • Cast spells to heal any family rifts or to release any toxic family members

So witches, as you can see, this is an intense New Moon that may set in motion powerful changes individually and collectively.

This process will not always be easy, and at these times, we need to use our tools, such as witchcraft practice to support us.

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Happy New Moon, witches.


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