5 Tips for Practising Powerful Witchcraft

Updated: Jun 22

How to Get in Touch with Your Inner Witch. Modern Witchcraft and Magic for Beginners and Seasoned Practitioners Alike.

So, you have decided to answer that calling… that gnawing sense that there is something beyond that which we see and experience with our five senses, and you are beginning to explore the path of Witchcraft.

Maybe you have been fascinated by Witches since childhood? Perhaps you’ve come across posts about Witchcraft on social media that pique your interest … or perhaps you just ‘know’ that it’s something you are drawn to.

However, now you have decided to start exploring what it means to be a Witch – that excitement can quickly turn to a feeling of being overwhelmed and lost.

Don’t worry! You aren’t alone; if there is one question, we get asked more than anything here at Secrets of the Cauldron, it’s this … “I feel drawn to being a Witch, but I don’t know where to start?”

Well, you know the famous saying from Alice Hoffman who, wrote Practical Magic; “there is a little Witch in all of us.” Here at Sisters of the Cauldron, we wholeheartedly believe that’s true. In fact, if you want to embrace it, there is A LOT of Witch inside us …

So, here we are going to share five tips to start getting in touch with your inner Witch!

1. Read, Read, and Read Some More!

As a new Witch, I read everything I could get my teenage Witch hands on and I quickly learned that books would become my most powerful tools.

Witchcraft IS a practice, but it also a path of knowledge.

I find it is not enough to know that Witchcraft works - you will be a more empowered and effective Witch if you understand how and why it works.

I’d recommend you start with some introductory Witchcraft books so you can become familiar with the terminology, and you begin to develop an understanding of the basics.

The benefit of studying these books is you get an overview and will quickly get a feel to what aspects of Witchcraft draws you.

woman reading and drinking from coffee cup
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Most ‘beginner’ books do not give you in-depth knowledge, but they do provide orientation and give you a ‘jumping off’ point into the rest of your studies.

Also, I’d suggest that you don’t start with ‘spellbooks.’

Spellbooks are great for inspiration when you are ready to start spellwork, but the majority do not have sufficient in depth or quality information to begin your studies.

I’d also recommend that you go to source material wherever you can and especially when you want to go deep into a topic.

For example, if you’re drawn to green Witchery, then hit the botany and medicinal herb books rather than just relying on green Witchcraft books.

If you want to learn more about the history of Witchcraft, then delve into the history books.

Remember, just because it’s in a book – it does not mean it is automatically right or true for you.

Make notes of what truly resonates and speaks to you, but equally, identify what does not feel right.

A lot of Witchcraft books are written from the personal perspective of each Witch (which is why you will find so many contradictions), so don’t feel you have to agree or follow their advice.

Witchcraft is a vast subject with numerous sub-topics, so don’t feel you have to learn everything at once because that is impossible!

Make some notes of areas of interest that you want to return to at a later date. Choose a couple of topics to focus on at any one time to prevent you from feeling overwhelmed.

Finally, it is worth acknowledging that you will never stop learning with Witchcraft, so you really can relax and take your time – there is no hurry to ‘learn it all.’

Most Witches keep studying, researching, and absorbing knowledge throughout all their years of practice.

There is always more to learn, and that is one of the things that makes Witchcraft so exciting!

2. Keep a Journal

I am not a natural journal keeper, but keeping a journal about my Witchcraft practice was an invaluable piece of advice given to me in my teen Witch years.

Some Witches will create beautifully curated Books of Shadows and grimoires, and that can certainly come later.

However, for now, all you need is to grab a simple journal and pen.

Journal and pen with amethyst crystals
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I would suggest that you start making notes of things that you have read that you particularly resonate with, as well as information you disagree with.

You need to start developing your thoughts on the material you are studying, so add your ideas and commentary to your notes.

This is the start of growing your unique insights that will inform your individual pathway.

Your journal is also the place for you to write without censure about Witchcraft and what being a Witch means to you.

You can write about your goals and aspirations as a Witch; as well as any fears and concerns.

It is essential to be open in these pages and speak to your journal from your heart and spirit. Look for journal prompts or written exercises to guide you.

You can also start making notes of any dreams, symbols, meditations, or visualisations in your journal. The act of journaling itself promotes mindfulness and will help you make sense and process any experiences you are having.

It is also really rewarding to look back on your old journals and see how far you have progressed, as you will find you have amassed and processed a lot of information in a short space of time.

3. Hone those Witchery Skills

Witchcraft is a practice, and like all practices, it comprises a set of skills and techniques that are learned.

This especially applies if you see spellwork being a significant part of your pathway, although not all Witches cast spells (however, that is a separate blog post!).

Despite what many spellbooks would have you believe, you can’t just follow a spell as you would a recipe and expect magic to happen.

Magic works through the application of both natural and supernatural energy towards your intended target.

Most of us will need to practice specific skills to work with energy in such a focussed way.

The good news is that these are skills that everyone can learn! I suggest that beginner Witches research and practice the following:

  • Grounding your energy into the Earth