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The Secrets of the Cauldron!

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Is there any item more associated with witches and witchcraft than the cauldron?


Research any imagery related to witchcraft and there you will find the magical cauldron bubbling away with all kinds of spellbinding and enchanting potions. 

Witchcraft for beginners, cauldron in the woods

It always looks intriguing doesn’t it?


We are left to wonder, what is going in that cauldron?

What are the secrets and mysteries it holds?




Well, behind this particular cauldron, we find two Witches known as, the Sisters of the Cauldron, who are two eclectic witches who have over 50 years of witchcraft practice between them both.

Kath aka, The Geordie Witch

Like Cheryl, Kath grew up fascinated by the occult. 


She picked up a witchcraft book as a teenager and felt immediately at home. 


Kath has been a witch for 25 years, and currently mainly practises Traditional and Folk Magic. 


She describes herself as a “massive geek” when it comes to studying witchcraft.


Kath works with herbs and botanicals and makes a lot of her own magical oils and powders. 


She is a certified Crystal Healer and believes in the power of ritual and spellwork, as well as tools, such as Tarot and Astrology, for healing and wellbeing. 


She has a stressful non-magical job and is committed to finding ways to integrate her spirituality and witchcraft into busy, mundane life.


Kath started an Instagram account a couple of years ago to connect to other Witches.


As that has developed and garnered a loyal following, she has become passionate about helping new witches build their own practice.

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Cheryl aka, Cheryl Kerr Tarot

From a young age, Cheryl was always interested in anything esoteric; the supernatural, paranormal phenomenon, spirit boards, Tarot Cards and psychic awareness.

Cheryl Kerr Tarot Instagram

Cheryl was also incredibly drawn to the Moon, finding it mesmerising as a young child.


Cheryl began practising witchcraft in her early teens, was gifted her first Tarot Deck at 19 and is a well-respected professional Tarot Card reader.


Her personal path and practice involves working with the Moon, observing the cycles of nature and the Wheel of the Year, studying and practicing Astrology, and spellwork. 


Cheryl’s pathway is that of an eclectic, secular witch.


Cheryl is also a Reiki Master/Teacher.


She has run spiritual and self-development courses and workshops for around five years, including Heal Your Life workshops and meditation classes. 


Her passions include teaching about the Moon and Astrology and how, alongside witchcraft, they can be used to influence and improve your life. 

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Sisters of the Cauldron

Cheryl and Kath came together a couple of years ago and have discovered many similarities in both their mundane and magical lives. 


Together they have established Secrets of the Cauldron to help and guide witches to develop their own unique practice. 


Secrets of the Cauldron focusses on supporting you to find your inner witch in a way that works for you.  


It is about developing YOUR own magical path based on YOUR rules. 


We focus on Modern Witchcraft, and by sharing information and resources, we want you to learn not only that witchcraft works... but WHY it works and how it can work for YOU.


So, if you are already a practicing Witch, an interested beginner, or even a curious seeker … come join us … it might be the best decision you ever make!

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