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Witches Planner, Journal, Diary and Book of Shadows 2022

How to Create
a Magical
Witchcraft Practice
in Six Months

Your Magical Guide to the Waxing Year 2022

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A New Kind of Witches Planner.
Created by Witches, for Witches

Last year, we - the Sisters of the Cauldron - created two, six month, Witches Planners. 

The first planner covered from 1st January to 30th June 2020, and our second planner covered from 1st July 2020, and is still current until 31st December this year.

We created two, six month, Witches Planners rather than twelve month ones because, we wanted them to be so much more than just another witches diary.

When we started creating them, we realised that we couldn't pack all of the information that we wanted to include into a twelve month book.


It would be too big and heavy to carry around!

We Had to Split Our Witches Planner into Two!

We wanted to create a witches diary and journal that also included valuable exercises, activities, and information that could be repeated and referred to, for many years to come.


A witches planner that would show both new and more experienced practitioners how to structure a witchcraft practice in just six months.


So we aligned to the year, as it's known to witches:


the Waxing Year, and the Waning Year.


We realised our six month Witches Planners are magical guides to Witchcraft.


So we called them:

Your Magical Guide to the Waxing Year
Your Magical Guide to the Waning Year.

Now We're Back with the THIRD Edition for 2022.
A Magical Witches Planner, Journal, Diary and Book of Shadows. All in One Place!

Your Magical Guide
to the
Waxing Year 2022

Join us for a magical, six month journey through the seasons, the Sabbats and the Lunar and Solar cycles that occur during the lighter part of the Witches' year.

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A Witches Planner, Diary, Journal, and
Book of Shadows for 2022

A tree split into four quarters showing winter spring summer and autumn in the background.

How Do Two Witches Planners Work?


The Year Can Be Described As Being in Two Parts

The waning year, from July to the end of December, is when we turn inwards.

The days are shorter, the Sun's power is fading, and we welcome in the darkness that naturally draws our attention to our inner world and shadow work.

The waxing year encompasses the months of January to the end of June.

These are the months when we are welcoming the Sun's return, and centring our magic spells and rituals on drawing abundance in all its forms towards us.

(You DON'T need to have any of our previous Witches Planners to enjoy this third edition though. It's still a complete book, in and of itself!)


We wanted to provide step-by-step guidance, detailed instructions, and we wanted to include as much useful information as possible! 

So we asked our site members, our Facebook Group, and our followers on Instagram - basically all you folk! - what you wanted to know about starting a powerful and effective witchcraft practice.....
You told us.....there's just SO MUCH confusing advice out there!

And so much conflicting information.


Many of you who are serious about practicing Witchcraft or energy work, told us you were finding it frustrating and annoying, to have spent a lot of time, energy, and not to mention money, doing, buying or practicing things that later on, turned out to be a complete waste of your time and all of those precious resources.

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Daunted and Disillusioned

And after all of that, you still didn't have anything that resembled even a basic or consistent Witchcraft practice.


Mainly because you can never remember if you're supposed to be setting intentions, releasing shit under the Moon, or which colour candle you're supposed to be burning to replenish all the money you've spent on rocks, incense and herbs that, honestly?


You don't really know how to use!

And that's exactly it!

You have everything you've been told you need


But you don't know what to do with all of the paraphernalia and information!

We know! We've been there!

Completely disheartened and thinking that you are lacking any magical powers because what you're doing clearly isn't working for you......


Mentally exhausted, feeling like it's all too much, it's overwhelming and it's a minefield!


So, understandably - you give up!

You want to find magic spells for beginners
You want to cast magic spells that really work
You want a beginners guide to Witchcraft
So here we are!
We're here to help a Witch!
Witches helping Witches!



So Don't Abandon Your Magical Path!
It's a Calling!

And we hear you! We're answering the calls from practitioners that that fill our inbox and DMs' every day!


  • You want structure, practical guidance and clear instructions; you already have all the gear - but absolutely no idea.

  • You want something that will help you to establish a simple practice, but where to start? Searching the internet leaves you baffled.

  • You want a one-stop resource that you can refer back to time and again. Right now, you've got notebooks and scraps of paper everywhere.

  • You want access all of the vital information in one place, but you've currently got 27 tabs open in your browser right now.

  • You want to know HOW to do all of this grounding, earthing and shielding yourself effectively, I mean, what even is that?

  • You want to know HOW to cast spells, HOW to work with magical herbs, HOW to charge objects and HOW create sigils; I mean, what are these things?

You also want something magical that also doubles up as a Witches Diary. Hell yes! All the magic combined with something USEFUL!

a book with a candle and a skull resting on it and a witches potion bottle.

And we've listened! We got you, Witches!
We've created precisely what you need!
A magical guide, structured to help you to build a solid practice and to bring the magic to the mundane!

You do NOT need to have purchased our first Witches Planner to enjoy this version!


Your Magical Guide to the Waxing Year 2022 is a stand-alone, Witches Planner, diary, journal, and Book of Shadows in one.

If you bought a copy of the first or second version, you will find new and exclusive Monthly Magic and Witchcrafting Ways exercises and activities, and a REFRESHED and UPDATED Book of Shadows.

We invite you to continue your journey through the year with us!

If you're purchasing our Witches Planner for the first time, you will find the content both practical and informative, especially if you are just starting out on your Witch's Path.


Keep scrolling for more information!

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a dark forest with fog.

Your Magical Guide to the Waxing Year 2022


A six-month magical journey through the seasons, Sabbats and the Lunar and Solar cycles.


Includes details of the supermoons, eclipses and planetary retrogrades. 


An easy to follow, practical working Grimoire that will show you how to structure your Witchcraft practice to easily bring more magic and enchantment into your daily life.

In this invaluable guide, we bring you Witchcraft for beginners and experienced Witches alike with magic spells that truly get results and comprehensive information that will help you to create your own magical life as a Witch.

black and white image of the Geordie Witch and Cheryl Kerr Tarot drawing.

Who are We Again?

We are Sisters of the Cauldron and we have over 50 years of Witchy experience between us! 

Kath has been a practising Witch for over 25 years; you will often find her imparting her no-bullshit Witchy advice to her 25k+ followers over on her social media platforms, where she has a reputation for being knowledgeable, practical, and passionate about helping (especially new), Witches to find their individual approach to creating their practice.

Cheryl is a professional Tarot Reader and has been reading Tarot Cards for over 30 years, both locally and internationally. She's been a practicing Witch since she was a teenager and like Kath, has a no-nonsense approach to helping new and experienced Witches alike, to establish a practice where they can bring magic to their every day lives.


It's so much more than just another Witches Planner or diary!
Your Magical Guide to the Waxing Year
Because we don't need 
JUST another planner, right?

Each Month Gives You:

  • An overview of the astrological transits.  Ever wonder what is going on in the skies?  Then we have all the information in an easy to understand format in one place for you!  You will have the key lunar phases, solar dates, eclipses and planetary movements, including retrogrades at your witchy fingertips. 

  • A Witchcrafting Way activity provides you with a deep dive into an aspect of your witchcraft practice.  Every month we explore a topic packed full of practical information and activities to develop your skills as a witch.  

  • An overview of the seasonal and astrological energy, including significant planetary movements and retrogrades.  You will understand how the energy may be affecting you and how you can work with it on your witchcraft journey.

  • The themes for every New Moon with journal prompts so you can set New Moon intentions for six months ahead.  You will learn how to support your intentions with practical suggestions and spellwork so that your wishes and dreams have every chance of manifesting.

  • Ideas to work with the energy for every Full Moon to support your work with the Full Moon's emotional, sensitive energy.  This includes questions for release and forgiveness work, suggestions for spellcraft, and a simple but effective divination spread.

Colour Magic FB.jpg




We have also created a monthly EXCLUSIVE spell specifically for Your Magical Guide to the Waxing Year.


You won't find these magic spells anywhere else; they've been created especially for our readers!

Working with the astrological energy for the month, we give detailed guidance in our 'Monthly Magic' spell every month. 


These are simple but potent spells using easy-to-access tools to improve an aspect of your life and further develop yourself as a witch.

How to Guides


  • How to ritualise and conduct your own New Moon intentions setting exercise according to the current energies so that your wishes have no choice but to manifest!

  • Practical ideas and suggestions to develop a daily Witchcraft practice and invite more magic into your life. We could all do with a little more magic, right?

  • How to ritualise and do a powerful, Full Moon Release and Forgiveness exercise so that you can sever any ties that are holding you back from creating your magical life!

These are exclusive how-to guides created especially for this planner that you will NOT find anywhere else!


A Book of Shadows 
One of the most magical and valuable tools a Witch has!

Revealing the Secrets of the Cauldron


We've taken the pain out of sourcing ingredients, tools and lists for your Book of Shadows by providing detailed and invaluable, magical correspondences that you can refer back to for.....forever!

We've also included information about the eclipses, the supermoons, and retrograde periods!

It can be time consuming trying to find the correct information, these compilations can take years to build, but we've provided them so you can get your magical practice off to a solid start!

Your Magical Guide to the Waxing Year
Has absolutely everything you need to create your magical life

A practical guide to herbs, metals, symbols and crystals that you can use according to your different intentions.


Ritual record sheets to record the outcomes of your rituals and spellwork - super important!


A summary of the Elements, their influence and characteristics and how you can incorporate or observe them in your practice.

The dates and information about Mercury Retrogrades!


An overview of the eight phases of the Moon and how you can use the energies for different types of spellwork and/or self-development.

Major arcana tarot correspondences for magic

An overview of the Supermoons and Eclipses between January and June 2022.


Colour Magic correspondences and their energies.


An outline of the Planets and their energies and the possible effects you might feel when they're activated.


A list of daily correspondences including planets, crystals, and how to work magic using the days of the week for magical timing.

Zodiac correspondences – including herbs, colours and crystals.


The power of numbers and how to use them in your spellwork

And so much more!



Over £350 worth of prizes


A Magical Guide Spell Kit containing everything you need to cast our Waxing Year spells … and some extra witchy goodies! Worth £80

A copy of the beautiful Season of the Witch Samhain Oracle Deck. Worth £13


Free place on a 2022 Secrets of the Cauldron workshop of your choice. Worth £49


An online video call Tarot Reading with Cheryl Kerr Tarot. Worth £35


An online video Natal Chart Reading with Cheryl Kerr Tarot. Worth £90


A 1-1 online witchy mentoring session with the Kath, the Geordie Witch – get all your personal witchcraft questions and problems answered! Worth £90

Purchase Your Magical Guide to the Waxing Year 2022, by 5th November 2021 to be automatically entered into our amazing Witchy Giveaway!

You don't need to do anything to enter!


We'll announce the winner in the week after the draw.



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Frequently asked questions

Are your Witches Planners just for new and beginner Witches?

No, not at all! Witches of any level of experience can use the planner to restructure their practice, or to get some of the exclusive and unique magic spells and a different take on Witchy activities. The in-depth information can be utilised by new and experienced Witches alike.

Are there any diagrams or charts in your Witches Planners?

Yes to both, there are beautiful illustrations throughout the planner, and a bespoke design of the Wheel of the Year. There is also a comprehensive Book of Shadows section at the back of the planner that has tables of suggestions for correspondences you can use in your spellwork or practice.

Can your Witches Planner be used as a diary for witches too?

Absolutely! There are daily pages, (from 1st July 2021 to 31st December 2021), that can be used exactly the same as a diary, with spaces for notes.

How will your Witches Planner help my Witchcraft practice?

Our Witches Planner is designed to take you on a magical journey through the six months of the year that make up, the Waxing Year - the time of year when we welcome more abundance into our lives. Our Witches Planner is set out so that you will be practicing your Witchcraft in some way, at least once per week. The planner will help you to structure a practice that is suitable for you. The Book of Shadows section at the back of the planner has tables of correspondences that you can incorporate into your practice, making your practice bespoke and original to you.

Are the Sabbats and the Wheel of the Year included in your Witches Planner?

Yes there is a beautiful illustrated Wheel of the Year page, and details about what the Sabbats represent and suggestions for how the Sabbats can be observed between January and June 2022.

I haven't recieved any emails about my Witches Planner

PLEASE CHECK YOUR JUNK FOLDER(S) and ensure that you have given us the best email for us to contact you on. When your planner is shipped, you will receive a fulfillment and shipping email. We also email our subscribers and contacts at least once per week and we will keep you updated via email so again, PLEASE CHECK YOUR JUNK FOLDER in case our emails have ended up in there. If you are still not receiving emails, get in touch via email at >>> and we will try to fix the issue.

When will I receive my Witches Planner?

Your Witches Planner will be shipped during the last week of November 2021 or the first week of December 2021. As soon as we have collected the physical copies from our printers, we will be shipping, and then shipping every day. We will keep you informed of shipping dates via email so please be sure to periodically check your junk folders in case our emails have gone in there!

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