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Witches Planner, Journal, Diary and Book of Shadows 2022

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A Unique Witches Planner for 2022

A New Kind of Witches Planner.
Created by Witches, for Witches

Last year, we - the Sisters of the Cauldron - created two, six month, Witches Planners. 

The first planner covered from 1st January to 30th June 2020, and our second planner covered from 1st July 2020, and is still current until 31st December this year.

We created two, six month, Witches Planners rather than twelve month ones because, we wanted them to be so much more than just another witches diary.

When we started creating them, we realised that we couldn't pack all of the information that we wanted to include into a twelve month book.


It would be too big and heavy to carry around!

We Had to Split Our Witches Planner into Two!

We wanted to create a witches diary and journal that also included valuable exercises, activities, and information that could be repeated and referred to, for many years to come.


A witches planner that would show both new and more experienced practitioners how to structure a witchcraft practice in just six months.


So we aligned to the year, as it's known to witches:


the Waxing Year, and the Waning Year.


We realised our six month Witches Planners are magical guides to Witchcraft.


So we called them:

Your Magical Guide to the Waxing Year
Your Magical Guide to the Waning Year.

cover of secrets of the cauldron witches planner 2021
secrets of the cauldron cover of witches planner 2021

Now We're Back with the THIRD Edition for 2022.
A Magical Witches Planner, Journal, Diary and Book of Shadows. All in One Place!

Your Magical Guide
to the
Waxing Year 2022

Join us for a magical, six month journey through the seasons, the Sabbats and the Lunar and Solar cycles that occur during the lighter part of the Witches' year.

With beautifully designed pages, and illustrations throughout