10 Days of Money Magic

Welcome to our 10 Days of Money Magic – we are excited to have you join us! 

Over 10 days, we're sharing our magical tips and witchy tricks to increase the flow of abundance, prosperity, and cold, hard cash into your life! However, we aren’t going to lie to you! Money will not literally fall from the skies – yes, we know - we are disappointed about it too!

In reality, magic and spells work by increasing or reducing the probability of something happening. So, during this 10-day series, we will explore easy enchantments that increase the flow of money into your life. To do this, you first need to determine your actual financial position, what the options are to increase cash flow, e.g. obtain a better paying job, establish a side-hustle, and your financial goals, e.g. reduce debt by 50% or save £100 per month etc. When you've done that, try some of our magical tips and tricks!

Day Ten

Meet Lady Luck

MM Day 10.4.JPG

Can you believe we have reached Day 10 already?


Over the last 10 Days, we've established new daily rituals to draw abundance, and crafted some simple spells and enchantments.


So, for Day 10, we will work on enhancing our luck. Witches believe that luck is a force or energy that we can engage with to increase the odds or probability in our favour. 

We will create a luck-drawing charm bag in time for the Roman Goddess Fortuna's feast day on 24th June.

Fortuna was thought to be the Goddess of luck, destiny and chance. She was known to be an earth Goddess and so also had associations with fertility.


Her symbols are a cornucopia (horn of plenty), and her colours are green, silver, purple and gold. Today, we recognise Fortuna as Lady Luck. 

Charm Bags are a type of container spell where we craft a small magical bag of appropriate correspondences that align to our goal and intent. The charm bag then draws the energy to you to achieve your goal. 

MM Day 10.2.JPG

To begin, you will need a small drawstring pouch (e.g., a muslin or organza gift bag) or a square of material to make your own. Use a green, yellow, gold, silver or purple bag if you can; alternatively, white or a vibrant colour such as red will also work well.

First, review your intent from Day One and determine how a boost of luck could enhance your goal. This could be increasing the chances of a successful job interview, getting more customers, or even having a little gamble or taking a risk.


Re-write your intent in green ink on a small paper strip and place it in your charm bag.


We will be adding seven items to our charm bag; as in numerology, seven is traditionally a lucky number.

First, add a silver coin to your bag, ensuring you bless it with your energy, as we've done in previous days. Repeat this by adding a small magnet. A magnet is a powerful tool in spellwork as it symbolises your goal being drawn to you. You can often find small magnets in the toy section of supermarkets or remove one from a fridge magnet.

MM Day 10.3.JPG

You can now choose five other items which represent luck and prosperity, such as:


Dried beans, corn, seeds, rice or grains, nuts, nutmeg, dried lime or oranges, cinnamon stick, allspice, juniper berries, bay leaves, thyme, chamomile, star anise, basil, mint, catnip, daisies, heather, sunflower, pyrite, citrine, malachite, jade, lodestone, sunstone, tiger's eye, acorns, horseshoe and four-leaved clover symbols etc.

If you are using dried herbs, just use a pinch.

Ensure you add each item with intent, focusing on that flow of luck.

As you add each item, hold the object in your hand for a minute (or however long it takes for you to feel connected) and visualise green or gold energy infusing into it.


Keep going until all items are added to your bag.

Close your bag and knot it seven times to secure it and continue that flow of luck. Hold your charm bag in your hands for a few minutes while you fill it with energy and chant the following:

"Luck be quick, luck be kind. And by lucky seven, good luck will be mine."


Leave your completed charm bag on your money altar for 24 hours if you can, and ask Fortuna to bless and empower it on her feast day.

You may want to light a candle or some incense to honour her on the 24th June. 

You can then keep your lucky charm bag with you. Recharge it with energy or under the Sun whenever you feel its power waning.

And that witches, concludes our 10 Day journey! We hope you have been inspired to add magic to your everyday life!


If you want to learn more, understand more in-depth spells, and continue working with us, Your Magical Guide to the Waning Year 2022 is on sale now.

Day 10.1.jpeg

Day Nine

Eat Yourself Rich

Day 9.1.jpeg

As we explored on Day Six, integrating money magic into your daily life and rituals is one of the most effective ways of ensuring a consistent flow of abundance into your life. 

What is the one thing we must do several times a day that provides this opportunity? Eat!

The creation of magic through food and cooking is known as kitchen witchcraft, and is a highly versatile way of incorporating magic into your daily life.

It is perfect for those who need to practice their witchery secretly as it does not involve special tools.

Alternatively, it can be a powerful opportunity to involve loved ones, such as your children, in creating magical meals.

Over the past eight days, we have utilised several herbs and spices corresponding to money, luck and success. The same principles apply to a whole range of food items that we can combine with other simple techniques to create magical money-drawing meals.


However, it is important to stress that you don't have to be a great chef, or cook meals from scratch to employ some kitchen witchery!

One of the simplest and most potent ways of infusing money magic into your day, is your morning cup of tea or coffee. Black tea is known for its protective as well as money-drawing properties.

Or you could drink herbal teas with prosperity correspondences, such as mint or chamomile. Magically, coffee is used to bring speed to situations, and with a boost of cinnamon, your morning coffee becomes a prosperity powerhouse.

Don't forget to focus on your intention while preparing your drink and stir clockwise to call that positive energy towards you.


You can even draw prosperity symbols on your breakfast toast with jam to bring sweetness or use peanut butter, which is well known for its money-drawing properties.

Keeping a positive mindset and infusing your food with intention and love is critical to kitchen witchery. 

You are consuming this energy, so try to remain mindful when preparing food.

Day 9.2.jpeg

Speak your intentions over your food as you cook, such as stirring a sauce clockwise to bring blessings, or anti-clockwise to remove blockages.

A wide range of food items can be used specifically for money, luck and success, including rice, bread, nuts, pumpkin, limes, pineapple, corn, orange, pomegranates, strawberries, tomatoes, wheat, olives, olive oil, oats, beans, grains and many more. 

Even if you eat convenience food and takeaways, you can still add herbs and spices to make them into magical meals. We've already used some of them this week, including bay leaves, allspice, basil, mint, cinnamon, star anise, clove, ginger, dill, marjoram and nutmeg.

You will notice that prosperity foods are bright and attractive coloured fruit and vegetables, or items that represent the earth's fertility, such as rice or grains. 

For example, considering that list, if you wanted to cook a magical meal to attract prosperity, consider a spicy pumpkin curry and rice, followed by sticky gingerbread! Yum!

It's time to get kitchen witching!

Day Eight

Light My Fire

Day 8.1.jpeg

Today is one of the most magical days of the year – the Summer Solstice, where we experience the longest day and shortest night. The Sun is at the peak of its solar power today, so we will work with that potent fire energy with some candle magic.

For this spell, you will need a yellow or orange candle representing success and power. You can also use green for abundance, or a white candle works well for any goal.

You will need a tool for carving your candle, e.g., a toothpick, pointed crystal etc. and a candle holder.

To create a talisman, you will also need a crystal corresponding to prosperity, such as a citrine, tiger’s eye, aventurine, pyrite or clear quartz.

Begin by thoroughly cleansing your candle and crystal using incense or another cleansing method that feels right to you. Ground and centre yourself by taking deep, calming breaths and focusing on your intention from Day One.

Next, take your candle and carving tool and carve the symbol of the Sun, which is a circle with a dot in the centre. Keep focusing on your intention and drawing that flow of money and success to you, while carving your candle.

When your candle is carved, you need to charge it with your energy while continuing to hold your intention. Repeat this with your crystal, ensuring it is enchanted by holding it in your dominant hand and infusing it with green or golden energy.

Place your candle in its holder with the crystal in front of the candle.

If you wish, arrange other elements around your candle spell, such as coins, money-drawing herbs, symbols, tarot cards (such as the Ace of Pentacles) etc.

If you made the Money Powder from Day Seven, you could also use that to dress your candle by rubbing olive oil (or another oil) onto your candle and rolling the candle in the Money Powder, knocking off any excess.

Light your candle, and as it burns down, focus on the carving of the Sun and imagine it filling you up with the glow of success and abundance.

Day 8.3.jpeg

While your candle burns, repeat this chant:

“I open a path to abundance without end; the money I need the universe will send.”


As you chant, visualise what it will feel like when your intent manifests and you are experiencing a greater flow of money into your life. Hold this image as the candle burns down.


Keep your focus and intent going while your candle burns entirely down (you can also snuff out and relight your candle if you need to).


Use your crystal as a talisman to keep with you whenever you need a boost of abundance or success. Thank the element of fire for assisting you in transforming your finances.

Finally, in our birth chart, the Sun represents the self and our skills and talents. So, to align with the magical Summer Solstice energy, take some time to acknowledge what makes you uniquely you and celebrate your achievements – today is a powerful day to shine!

Day Seven

Day 7.1.jpeg

Grind it Up!

For Day Seven, we will craft a simple but powerful money powder. A money powder comprises ground magical ingredients which you will enchant to increase the flow of abundance and prosperity into your life. 


Powders can act as a magical tool on their own, or you can add them to other spells, such as candles. Alternatively, you can sprinkle them wherever you want to draw more money.

Magical powders are quicker to make than oils and tend to be more flexible.

However, they do take a bit of elbow grease to grind up the botanicals, but the energy you expend helps create a potent powder.

You will first need a mortar and pestle, and as we have done previously, ensure this is cleansed physically and energetically, such as smoke cleansing. You will also need the following money-drawing botanicals, which are easily accessible from your supermarket or you can find in your kitchen cupboards:


Ground ginger, ground cinnamon, allspice, cloves and basil. You could also add coffee for speed and a boost of power.

First, take some deep breaths as you centre your energy and focus on your intention. You will then add your botanicals, i.e. ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves etc., to your mortar and pestle.

Add them consciously with intent, ensuring you are charging and empowering each ingredient as you add it by infusing them with your energy.

Ask the power of each herb/spice to assist you in your spellwork by drawing prosperity and money to you.


Next, grind your botanicals in your mortar and pestle to form a fine powder.


This is your opportunity to put some energy into your powder and focus on your intent as you work.


You may want to use the chant from Day Four or play some music that fills you with powerful energy.

Day 7.2.jpeg

When your powder is mixed, store it in a glass jar labelled with the date and the ingredients you used.

You can leave it to charge further on your money altar or surround it with coins, banknotes or money-drawing crystals such as citrine, pyrite or aventurine.


Your powder is now ready to use. You can use it to dress candles, add to charm bags or spell jars. Or put a sprinkle in your shoes, so money walks with you all day.


You can also scatter it around the thresholds of your home or business.


Let your money powder draw that cash!

Day Six

Getting Ready for

Day 6.2.jpeg

One of the most effective ways to draw greater abundance and prosperity into your life is to have regular rituals that keep you focused on your intention and the flow of money into your life. Therefore, incorporating money magic into your self-care or beauty routine is an effective way of achieving this.

Start your day by literally washing with money!


You can do this by either carving a pound sign or another money-drawing symbol into a bar of soap.

Or draw symbols or sigils that symbolise wealth onto your body with shower gel or body lotion. You can even use prosperity correspondences in your beauty routines, such as chamomile, mint, basil or patchouli.

In fact, simply washing your hands with cold chamomile tea is a potent way to start drawing the energy of abundance to you throughout your day. Chamomile is ruled by the Sun and is a powerful herb to use whenever you need a boost of success, such as going for a job interview.

If you are experiencing blocks in your money flow, you may want to do a money-drawing bath which removes any lingering crossed or negative energy. First, clean your bathroom both physically and energetically and have a shower.

Spiritual baths aim to cleanse your energy field.

You may want to create a magical atmosphere by lighting some green, yellow or white candles, some incense, and music that generates feelings of prosperity.


Next, draw your bath to a comfortable temperature and add sea salt and money or success-drawing herbs such as basil, mint, chamomile, sunflower, jasmine, and lemongrass.


Stir your bath clockwise with your dominant hand while visualising positive, glowing energy flowing into the water.

Day 6.1.jpeg

As you soak in the bath, sense and know it is purifying your energy and bringing forth your intentions.

Relax and focus on any blocks or negative energy dissolving into the water and filling you with abundant peace.


When you feel that the bath has done its work, get out of the bathtub, and allow yourself to air dry so you can absorb the power of the botanicals. If you don’t have a bathtub, you can do this in the shower by placing your herbs in a muslin bag by the showerhead.


Finally, as you get dressed each day, do not underestimate the power of incorporating colour magic into your clothes.


You can set your vibration for the day based on the colours you are wearing, for example, red for leadership, orange for creativity or yellow/gold for success. If you do not like wearing bold colours, you can subtly incorporate colours such as accessories, make-up, jewellery, nail polish and even socks!

Day Five

Day 5.1.jpeg

Get Simmering!

Today, we focus on calling in the spirit and energy of abundance into our homes by crafting a Magical Simmer Pot. 

Simmer pots are simple but effective spells, and they utilise water infused with botanicals and witchy energy, to release your intentions as it bubbles away. They have the bonus of smelling amazing and creating an enchanting atmosphere!

For this spell, you will need a large pot suitable for the stove, a felt-tip pen, water, a large spoon and bay leaves.

You will also need a selection of the following botanicals, all of which are potent correspondences for prosperity, success or purifying any blocks to the flow of money into your life.

Cinnamon, cloves, allspice, star anise, basil, mint, orange slices, apple slices, cranberries, lemon, lime, pine, juniper, cedar.

You may also want to consider correspondences such as honey to bring sweetness or rose petals to ensure that money flows to you via things you love. Using what you have is always important, so don’t feel you need to rush to the shops and buy all the ingredients!

To begin, assemble your items, ensuring you have physically and energetically cleansed your kitchen surface and the pot you will use.

Ground and centre yourself, and as we did on Day Four, focus on your intention for this 10-day series.

Begin by filling the pot with approximately two-thirds full water and putting it on the stove to simmer.


Next, review your intention, and determine one or two words that represent it, for example, ‘promotion’ or ‘more customers’ and write it/them on your bay leaf. As you write, ensure you focus on visualising and feeling how your life will be when you achieve your goal. 

Day 5.2.jpeg

You can write or draw other symbols or words that symbolise prosperity to you on the other bay leaves. 

When your water is simmering, you can start adding your botanicals, ensuring you infuse it with your energy while visualising green or gold light flowing into your herbs. Continue adding your herbs and other items, ensuring you are adding them with intention and while flowing energy into your simmer pot.


You can now add your bay leaves, seeing the words you have written glowing with golden light as you add them to the magical water.

When everything has been added, stir clockwise eight times, as eight is a potent number for manifestation. As the water simmers, your intention will be released to the Universe, and the natural fragrances will create a magical atmosphere in your home.


Keep the pot on a steady simmer until you feel your spell is complete, and ensure it doesn’t boil dry by topping the pot up with more water.

When your spell is finished, you can strain the water, allow it to cool, and keep it in a spray bottle as a money-drawing air freshener for your altar or around your home. Don’t forget to give thanks to the botanicals and any other energies that have supported you.

Day Four


It's Time to Get

We are on Day Four already, and today we will create a charm to keep in our purse, wallet, bag or mobile phone case. 

To begin, you will need a banknote of any domination and some fresh basil and mint leaves, (you can find these in supermarkets), which are potent money-drawing herbs and some green or red thread.


Craft this charm at your Money Altar and light some candles or incense to generate a magical atmosphere, if you can.

To begin, ground and centre your energy (check Your Magical Guide Planners on how to do this if you are unsure), and focus on the written intention you wrote on Day One).

Visualise and sense a flow of green or gold light (colours of abundance and success) flowing from your hands as you fold your banknote towards you 3-4 times.

Next, take your basil and mint leaves and wrap them around your banknote, securing them with your thread. This is your charm. Keep focusing on your intent as you wrap your thread and chant the following:

 “Money, money come to me; in abundance, three times three.”


Or use words or chants that you feel comfortable with. Spend a few minutes holding your finished charm as you charge it with the green and gold energy of prosperity.

When you are ready, give thanks for the energy you have received and put your charm in your purse, wallet, bag etc.

An alternative method (or something you can do in addition) is to take basil or mint essential oil, shake it to ‘wake the oil up’ and then hold it in your hands whilst visualising that flow of abundance into your life. 

Infuse the oil with your energy and lightly anoint your purse, wallet, bank card or mobile phone case with the oil.

Day 4.1.jpeg

You can also use images that generate thoughts and feelings of prosperity and success as the wallpaper on your mobile phone. 

This supports reinforcing that abundance mindset throughout the day. You could also keep money-drawing sigils or a copy of your written intent in your purse or mobile phone case.

Every time you spend money throughout the day (even those bills!), affirm that you are happy and grateful to spend this money, as it will return to you ten-fold. 

Keep charging your money-charm regularly with energy to maintain the flow of prosperity to you.

Day Three

AdobeStock_Day 3.1.jpeg

Create Your Money

So far, we have established our intention and money goals and organised our space; now it’s time to get hands-on! 

Today is Thursday, and in western witchcraft, each day of the week corresponds to one of the seven classical planets. 

Thursday is ruled by Jupiter, who was the Roman God of the Sky and Thunder and revered as King of the Gods. Jupiter corresponds to wisdom, benevolence, growth, luck, goodwill and expansion in astrology, making Thursday the perfect day for all matters relating to Money Magic.

So, today identify a small area of your home, a corner, shelf, small table etc., to establish a small money altar. Your altar can be a small and discreet space, and a tray, plate or bowl will make the perfect surface.

An altar acts as a focal point for your magic, provides a visual prompt to focus your mindset and can be a sacred space depending on your spiritual beliefs.

Before creating your altar, cleanse the area and surface you are using physically and energetically. You are now ready to assemble your altar. 

To begin, you can place the written intention you crafted on Day One under a candle. Candle colours that work well include green, yellow or gold for abundance or royal blue and purple for Jupiter. Alternatively, use other colours that you are drawn to.

You may also want to add some coins, bank notes, cheques, lottery tickets, or whatever represents money to you.


Botanicals and crystals that correspond to money include mint, basil, bay leaves, cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, pyrite, tiger’s eye, citrine, aventurine etc.

You could also use tarot cards, symbols and runes – check the Book of Shadows section in Your Magical Guide Planner for more ideas on money and prosperity correspondences.

Day 3.jpeg

When you have arranged your altar, spend a few minutes meditating on the intention you set on Day One, and ask universal energies or any spiritual allies you work with (ancestors, guides, deities etc.) to bless your altar with the flow of abundance and prosperity. 

We will be doing some simple spells at our money altar over the coming days.

Finally, if you can’t have a physical altar, consider creating a virtual one using tools such as Pinterest or a vision board.

Day Two


Creating Space

We believe prosperity is energy, and like all energy, it needs to flow freely without blockages.


So, for Day Two, we will focus on having a physical, mental and emotional ‘clear-out’ of the clutter in our lives.


Today’s exercise aims to create the space for the current of money to flow to you unencumbered.

Firstly, clear the stagnant energy from your purse or wallet. Throw away old receipts and cut up and dispose of expired cards.

Then organise your financial paperwork, put it in order and consider storing it in green folders or files - green is the colour of money! 

Collect loose coins from around your home and put them in a jar. Keep adding your spare change to the jar and watch your money add up, day by day.

Identify  where you may have clutter in your home that you can clear out and donate to charity shops, local community centres, or loved ones.

We all have rooms, cupboards or drawers hiding belongings we no longer need or use!


Resolve to tackle one place in your home that feels disorganised and where you know you can donate items to someone who needs them more than you.

If appropriate, involve family members, such as your children, to help you identify items to contribute.


As you donate your items, ensure you give with gratitude to start the abundant energy flowing back to you.

Day 2.jpeg

Don’t forget to physically and energetically cleanse the space you have created through your clear-out. You could clean the area with hot water infused by cleansing lemon and wealth drawing mint.


Or smoke cleanse with your favourite incense; or essential oil infusion.

Day One

Day 1.2.jpeg

Crystals and Tea

So, your task for Day One is to understand your financial position and set some realistic goals for yourself.


If this is something you have been avoiding, this may be uncomfortable or even stressful.


Turn this into a magical activity by grounding and centring yourself, light a candle (green or yellow corresponds to prosperity and success) or some incense.


You could use a scent you find relaxing or a scent that corresponds to abundance, such as frankincense, patchouli, cinnamon, basil or mint.

Or drink a calming tea and sit with your favourite crystals. When you have finished, summarise your goal in a short written statement. If you can, write it in green ink and frame it positively and in the present tense.


This intention will be your focus for the next 10 days, so keep it somewhere meaningful to you, or in your purse or wallet.