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The Secrets of the Cauldron

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Create and Enhance
Your Magical Witchcraft Practice.
Witches Planners, and Witches Online Workshops.

Something New for Witches, Created by Witches.
Modern Witchcraft and Real Magic

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Our Witches Planner 2022

Shop our bestselling witches planner and journal on this site, book a place on our witches online workshops, and join our free witches community for EXCLUSIVE magic spells and rituals.

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How Do I Practice Witchcraft?
And Other Questions.....

What is Witchcraft?

Are Witches real?

Is Witchcraft evil?

How do I become a Witch?

How do I start a Witchcraft practice?

Is there a beginners guide to Witchcraft book?

Are there any magic spells for beginners?

How do I cast magic spells that really work?

How do I cast a spell for money?

What herbs/oils/ingredients do I need for a love spell?

How do I ground myself?

How do I raise energy for magic spells?

We're Here to Help You Find the Answers to All of These Questions!

We are Sisters of the Cauldron

and we'd love to help you along your Witchy path.

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We're two Witches, with Over 50 years of Witchin' Experience Between Us!

Your Magical Guide to the Waxing Year 2022
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Modern Witchcraft for new Witches

Witches Helping Witches!

Together, we are the Sisters of the Cauldron.


We came together a couple of years ago and between us we have established Secrets of the Cauldron to help and guide beginner witches to develop their own unique, Witchcraft practice. 


We focus on Modern Witchcraft, and by sharing information and resources, we want you to learn not only that witchcraft works... but WHY it works and how it can work for YOU.

After the success of our bestselling Witches Planner, Your Magical Guide to the Waxing Year, (which has been called a Beginners Guide to Witchcraft Book), we received many 'we want more!' requests on how to deepen your Witchcraft practice even further.

So here we are!


If you are already a practicing Witch, an interested beginner, or even a curious seeker … come join us … it might be the best decision you ever make!

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